The Mission of the University

The mission of Gori State Teaching University is to prepare specialists equipped with the theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge, oriented on the local and international labor market, who with their life style and successful activities will promote the transition of the modern society into a highly developed, just, democratic, moral and highly conscious society.
For the purpose of implementing the mission, Gori State Teaching University conducts its activities in the following directions:

  • Provides with affordable, high quality vocational and academic (Bachelor, Master) education which corresponds to the interests of the region and the country;
  • Provides creating and developing safe, reliable and encouraging surrounding for studying, teaching, scientific research, creative and administrative affairs;
  • Ensures the realization of personal potential and the development of creative skills of the students, academic, administrative and assistant personnel, teachers and vocational education teachers;
  • Implements Life Long Learning (continuous education) system by offering and implementing vocational education programs according to the demand of the society;
  • Supports and consolidates the initiatives of the students, staff, faculty and administrative structures in terms of joint management;
  • Develops partnership relations with Georgian and foreign leading educational institutions, encourages the mobility of students, vocational students and academic staff.