Last Name: Mghebrishvili
Name: Aleksandre
Date of Birth: 17.04. 1975
Marital Status: Married;

1981_1990 . _ Tskhinvali #4 Public School;
1990_1992 _ Kaspi #3 Public School;
1992_1997 _ Tskhinvali State Pedagogical Institute, faculty of history-philology, qualification: Georgian Language and History Teacher
1997_1999._Georgian Academy of Science, Research Fellow of Philology


1999 _ Candidate of Philology , TSU
2003 Doctor;
2005 Approbation of Doctoral Theses : Literary-Cultural Life of Tskhinvali ( Georgian-Ossetian-Jewish Relations, XX cc)
2005 to Present- Full Professor;

Additional Qualifications and Organizational Work

1996 . Attestation, Institute of Teachers Qualification and Training, qualification- Teacher of Religious studies and culture
1998 . _ A member of Georgian Journalism Association
2000 A member of Georgian Writers national union, Tskhinvali Division
2003-2006 The Chairmen of Student’s Scientific Group, faculty of Journalism and Georgian Literature, Tskhinvali State University
2003-2006 _ The Chairmen of post graduate and young scientists council, Tskhinvali State University
2003-2005 _ A member of Scientific Council, Tskhinvali State University
2007 . A Council member of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Law , Tskhinvali State University
2007 A member of academic council, Tskhinvali State University
2007 A council member of the faculty of social sciences, business and law, GSTU
2008 A supervisor of Bachelors’ program in Journalism, the faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Law, GSTU
2008-2010 A member of academic council, GSTU

2016- A member of the Writers' Union of Georgia;

Professional Experiences:

1995-1999 Georgian Language and History Teacher at Village Metekhi, Kaspi
1997-1998 Religious studies and culture Teacher at Gori National school “ Nergebi”
1998 Senior Correspondent of Literary Tskhinvali
1999 წ._2007Doctor, Professor, GSTU
2000წ._2007Doctor, Full Professor, Tskhinvali State University
2006წ._2007 Acting Principle of Gori #5 Public School
2007 წ._2010 Principle of # 5 Public School, Gory
2007წ._2010 Full Professor of Gory University
2010 Full Professor of GSTU
2010 Acting Deputy of GSTU
2011-up to Present-ProRector of GSTU

AL. Mghebrishvili is an author of 60 scientific works and more than twenty newspaper articles.

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