an event, dedicated to the opening of French language and culture center

25 February,2021

On February 25, 2021, an event, dedicated to the opening of French language and culture center at GSTU was held through an online platform. Mr. Giorgi Sosiashvili gave an opening speech and gave a brief account of the university's activities, opening the center and importance of supporting popularization of French literature and art as it will be the first step towards a beneficial relationship with the Francophone world. The rector of the university introduced Mr. Gocha Javakhishvili, future head of the center to the audience. Mr. Javakhishvili gave a speech on French art, language and positive outcome of promotion of French culture for the young Georgian generation. Mr. Nugzar Samkharadze, Mr. Pierre Clouet, Mrs. Catherine Goutherot, Mr. David Terter, Mrs. Nastasia Dhomps, Mrs. Tamar Gharibashvili, Mrs. Ketevan Kurtsikidze, Mrs. Natia Mskhaladze, Mrs. Mzagho Dokhturishvili and representatives of the university.

Next year, GSTU students and academic personnel will have a chance to apply to language courses.


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