1. General Regulations

1. University students, Vocational students, attendees, and University personal can use University library .However, an individual , a university guest is able to use library if needed.
2. Readers are able to use books, newspapers, journals and other reading materials placed in the library. They can borrow them from the reading room as well as borrow the needed material from the library with a library card.
3. For using library and taking the book from the library a person must fulfill following conditions :
ა) book must be registered and bar coded
ბ) The person must be a member of the library
გ) The books that are in deficit cannot be borrowed from the reading room
4. An individual will be helped with choosing the literature and using catalogs properly

2. How to undergo registration

1. Registration takes place once when a person studies at his/her Master’s /Bachelor’s degree program
2. After Registration a student/ vocational student is given a student card
3. A student needs to present a student’s card when using the reading room or using the book from the library.
4. It is not allowed to use other person’s student card. If the student does not obey the library rules his/ her membership card will be confiscated. A member should inform his /her name, contact details, e-mail, address, work place in case of a change .
5. If the student card is lost , a person should inform the library immediately .
6. University employees or university guests will need identification card for library services .

3 How to use Library books, printer, photocopier, scanner and computer

1. The books, whose copies are not available at the library cannot be borrowed from the library. A person can use the reading room or use photocopier to make copies
2. A person can borrow the books , whose copies are available at the library
3. A person can borrow book from the library using reading room as long as he/she needs it.
4. It is not allowed to take the books from the reading rooms. A person can borrow the book from the reading room for making copies when he/she leaves id card .
5. After finishing his/ her work , a person can leave the book with library specialist.
6. A reader (students, vocational students, attendees and university personal) is allowed to copy 30 pages on the library scanner , printer, photocopier .

4 When the person damages the book or fails to return it to the library

1. A person is allowed to borrow the book for only 10 days.
2. Lecture materials, Journals, newspapers and books for classes can be borrowed only for 24 hours.
3. After the expiration of the lending period ( 10 days) a person must return the book to the library and then borrow it again if needed
4. If the reader is not able to return the book in due time ( In case of an emergency) he/she must inform the library and it will ensures returning process.
5. If the reader fails to return books or does not inform the library , he/she will be prohibited from using the library resources and services and library card will be taken away for a semester after the expiration or lending period
After the expiration of lending period, in case of not having the book returned , the reader must give the library the book with the same title , publication and price.

3. How to behave when you are in the library

a member or user of the library services should take library regulations into account

1. A reader should not put the book back but should give it to the library specialist
2. A reader is not allowed to eat in the library. However, they are allowed to have a bottle of water with them
3. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the library
4. Loud conversation or any other noise is not allowed in the library.
5. Conversation on cell phone is not allowed in the library .
6. If the reader does not obey the library rules, he/she can be barred from the library

6. WShat is forbidden in the library

1. To damage, scratch or steal a book or teaching material, or rip up the pages from them. In case of negligent behavior fine will not be received and the case will be handled by the faculty to impose strict measures. .
2. To steal or damage a book/ teaching material on the second time, a person might be expelled from the university
3. To misplace a book for the aim of hiding or hampering is forbidden .