Students’ Career Development Office

Students’ Career Development Office
The fields of Career Development Office (CDO) of Gori State Teaching University are following:

  • Assist students in developing necessary skills for employment;
  • Inform students on work market capabilities/ perspectives via one-on- one or group counseling;
  • Assist students in evaluating their goals, exploring possibilities and navigate their job searches, making informed career decisions;
  • Assist students in negotiating with recruiters, sectional events, seminars, meetings, employment forums;
  • Cooperate with employers to broaden their recruitment efforts, including participation in interview programs and career panels for their better and active involvement in studying programs in the future;
  • Conduct dimensional analyses of online posted vacancies to explore market dynamics and tendencies or employer search;
  • Conduct market research through University, conduct surveys with students and employers periodically for the purpose of careful observation of demand and supply of human resources ;
  • Arrange all information about enrollees; 
  • Develop students’ multi componental and thoroughly computerized registered data and its use for work related purposes;

Ensuing CDO’s responsibilities, the office conducts various surveys in the University and also throughout the region .
Various surveys have been conducted within the university. The aim of surveys is the general research of target groups in connection with studying and working environment and determination of their expectation. This process helps to determine the quality of teaching/ studying correctly, to exterminate existing flows and to improve university life in general. Students of the faculty of Humanities and Education participated in the survey.
University plans to conduct surveys and provide appropriate organization with questionnaire results. Conduct surveys among third grade school students and teachers; employers, students, academic and administrative personal;
The aim of the survey is to determine their awareness and expectations towards educational programs and to create improved training programs for university teachers.
The main purpose of the market research of Shida Kartli is to determine quantitative and age group indicator of persons, employed by private or public sector through specialties, disclose existing or possible vacancies. Those organizations comprise following fields: Healthcare, Transportation, Communications, Gas and Water Supply, Industry, Commerce, Personal Services, Hotels and Restaurants, Constructions, Art, Sport, Bank and Non-government Sectors.


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On February 25, 2021, an event, dedicated to the opening of French language and culture center at GSTU was held through an online platform. 

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training on qualification improvement for library

On February 23-24, 2021, a training on qualification improvement for library staff took place through an online platform.

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