• Mobility applicants are obliged to present copies of the personal case at Gori State Teaching University from February 26 to March 19. In the attached document you can find list of vacant places of educational units and specialties.
  • ერასმუს+ -ის გაცვლითი პროგრამის ჩარჩოებში შემოთავაზებულია



23 March, 2017

“Internationalization of Higher Education: Challenges and Perspectives”17-18 November, 2017, Gori, Georgia


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The Museum of Occupation

On March 22,2018 the museum of occupation was opened at GSTU, it was initiated by the organization “ The bridge of friendship- Kartlos” and was...

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Public Lecture

On March 22,2018 Tariel Putkaradze, a professor at Georgian University gave a public lecture at GSTU.

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Students' Meeting

On March 22, 2018 scientific meeting of students, majored  in History was held at the center of Archeology and History, GSTU. The dean of the...

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Books Presentation

On March 20, 2018 , the center of youth and culture , Gory Municipality and City Hall organized two books presentation “ The Tunnel of light” and...

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The Days of Open Doors at GSTU Have Started

In March 19,2018 GSTU hosted the days of open doors for prospective applicants from various schools. They had an opportunity to find out detailed information...

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The Seventh Congress in Turkey

In March 15-16 , 2018, in Maltepe University, Istanbul, Turkey the seventh congress of The Caucasus Universities Association took place where two GSTU...

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