Field of Art

  1. Nana Meshvildishvili 591 17 27 71
  2. Mamuka Nadiradze 599 11 90 44

Vocal- instrumental company;
Club of the cheerful and Sharp-witted;
Leader: Mamuka Nadiradze
Dance company:
Artistic Director: Temur Tatishvili
Folk Bend:
Artistic Director: Nikoloz Ghviniashvili
Theater company:
Artistic Director: Anzor Gvadzabia
Pop Music:
Artistic Director: Tea Kitiashvili
Debate club:
Book Club:


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The fifth international literature festival in Trebizond

Union of the Writers of the Black sea region has organized the fifth international literature festival from April 4th through April 24 where literature topics...

13 April, 2021 See More

April 9

Academic and administrative personnel with students of GSTU visited the memorial of April 9, in memory of Georgian martyrs , who were slaughtered on  the...

09 April, 2021 See More