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About Jean Monnet MODULE

Jean Monnet Module # 619809-EPP-1-2020-1-GE-EPPJMO-MODULE named “EU Explored in Association Agreement”/EUEAA aims to Enhance the European Studies at the Gori State Teaching University, as well to prepare future young professionals knowing the EU and Association Agreement and having good understanding of the European choice of Georgia.
Module Objectives are:

  • Mainstream and diversify EU-related subjects throughout the curricula proposed by higher education institutions to their students
  • Students who do not automatically come into contact with European Union studies (in such fields as science, engineering, medicine, education, arts and languages, etc.)
  • Improve the quality of professional trainings on EU subjects (with modules that deal with EU subjects more in-depth or extend to new subjects)

Module Activities are:

  • Elaboration of the curriculum “EU, Association Agreement and Legal Approximation” and its integration into the different educational programs of the university.
  • Student conference – discover EU in Gori
  • Trainings for academic personal of the university - “EU, Association Agreement and Legal Approximation”
  • Sharing of module results and experience with other universities;
  • Elaboration of textbook of curriculum and publication;
  • Prepare the article in English Language about the module;
  • Informational campaign and dissemination.

Duration of the Module is 3 years – 2020-2023.
Author and the Coordinator of the Module is Prof. Ekaterine KARDAVA


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